Process Equipment

Hidada ambitiously established a huge plant exclusively for manufacturing process equipment. It was a part of its expansion, and diversification of its product lines. This was established to serve key industry segments such as Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Power around the world. Within a few years’ time the company positioned itself in the market as a leading supplier of process equipment such as pressure vessel, heat exchanger, reactor, drum, column and piping. Hidada’s plant for process equipment is large and advanced that it can produce more than 12,000 MT annually.

The company’s core expertise includes engineering design, fabrication, delivery, installation and commissioning as per needs of the customer. A highly skilled team of engineers, use of software packages such as COMPRESS, PV Elite, Nozzle Pro, FE Pipe, Auto CAD, and inhouse-developed systems and experienced workmen on the ground produce high quality process equipment. Hidada’s wide range of process equipment are certified by ASME for the use of U, U2, A, S, PP Stamps, and R stamp authorized to be used by National Board, testifying to Hidada quality.