Hidada as an organization operating on acclaimed business principles ensures that its procurement function is aligned with the corporate strategy. The department deals with sourcing activities, negotiation, strategic selection of goods and services which are important to the organization. They are sourcing raw materials, goods, services from internally approved suppliers worldwide. The focus in the whole process is placed on satisfying the customers in terms of price, quality, delivery and sustainability.

Hidada’s professional procurement team demonstrate a wide variety of skills including sound industry knowledge, business sense, financial management, communication and negotiation skills, and good understanding of global market place, creativity and innovation. They are conversant with regional and international commercial policies including insurance policy for goods and services.

The procurement professionals have gained expertise in material inspection for all type of materials. Their diligence in understanding individual projects and managing entire programs provides a holistic approach, optimum supports in cost reduction, supplier risk and project sustainability with best-in-class sourcing practices. The team establishes long term relationship with mills and steel suppliers globally for competitive price, quality, delivery, compliance, and efficiency. They secure Frame Agreements with mills considering price trends and analyzing procurement requirements from project point of view and ensure organization’s bottom line growth.

They operate in a strategic environment adding enormous value to the organization. Advanced logistics and supply management system in place helps the organization meet the company’s strategic business objectives.