Vision, Mission & Policy


Diversified product fabrication facilities with strong engineering entity and effective and efficient construction capabilities with EPC management skills.



To achieve Hidada Group’s Vision, the Mission is to:

  • Operate flexibly as “one-integrated unit’’
  • Aim at meeting client’s expectations and to establish long-term relationship
  • Achieve financial profitability and build solid banking relationship
  • Utilize latest technology to reduce cost and cut waste
  • Secure work by becoming a ‘Supplier of Choice’ for our customers

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy


Hidada strives to understand the expectations of each customer, external and internal and meet their agreed upon requirements. We are committed to continually improve our quality culture and processes. We must: –


  1. Do the work right first time, every time,
  2. Empower our employees to respond to each customer needs on time,
  3. Build high-performance teams,
  4. Create a risk-based thinking culture,
  5. Have effective and open communication ensuring the highest levels of cooperation,
  6. Provide our employees with a safe environment,
  7. Encourage career growth for all of our employees,
  8. Respect each other,
  9. Ensure that our suppliers provide quality goods and services,



Hidada is committed to provide a safe, secure and environmentally friendly work atmosphere for its employees, sub-contractors and other interested parties through the implementation of standards and controls that continuously improve the application and performance of HSE Management System. We shall achieve the HSE Policy by:


  1. Complying with the statutory, legal and other project requirements which relate to Hidada’s Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) risks and Environmental Aspects meeting customer expectations.
  2. Performing our work in safest practical manner throughout the operations with the commitment to prevent injuries, ill health, and prevention of pollution.
  3. Having open communication channel with employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, clients, and customers on matters relating to occupational health & safety and environment.
  4. Setting objectives and targets and measuring progress to ensure continual improvement in HSE performance through HSE Performance Indicators monitoring.
  5. Providing health, safety and environmental training and awareness/information to assist all employees to undertake their work in a safe and responsible manner.
  6. Providing, developing and maintaining a framework and guide for safe, healthy and environment-friendly work practices.
Quality, Health,  Safety  & Environment Policy