Information on the Covid-19 situation

The health and safety of our employees and customers stationed at Hidada’s premises is our highest priority.  Hidada is actively cooperating with the relevant public authorities and regulatory bodies and we consider it our duty to act responsibly and play our part to protect society.
Hidada is constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation, evaluating new developments and taking measures to protect its employees, customer representatives and visitors to our facilities.  The economic consequences of Covid-19 will impact Hidada as it is currently impacting most of our supply chain.
Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, Hidada has been continuously implementing timely measures to protect its employees and its customer representatives, and the company will continue to do so rigorously.


Some of the measures already implemented are:
We have made our employees and all those working in Hidada premises and at Employee Camps aware of the need for social distancing and informed them about hygiene and preventive measures.  Extreme precautionary measures to continuously monitor the Health & Safety of our workforce have been put in place.


Travel Restrictions
There is a complete Travel Ban imposed by the Government of KSA on International and Domestic Travels.  Personal meetings have been replaced by conference calls or similar options.  


Working From Home (WFH)
Whenever possible and with limited available facilities, Hidada has enabled employees to work from home.