Hidada procures materials, goods and services from suppliers worldwide. Competitive pricing, quality, delivery and reliability are certain standards Hidada cares for.Hidada’s highly trained employees, scientific inventory control, and advanced business system for Supply Chain enable the company to meet the requirements efficiently.  The company is able to strike a balance between the projects requirements for materials and services and actual procurement by following a strategic approach. Here the following measures in place make a difference:

  • Providing efficient procurement service with optimum investment
  • Providing a cushion between forecasted and actual demand for materials and services

Material Management is a strength for Hidada. In past three years Hidada has procured 550,000 metric tons under 15 categories ranging from raw materials, consumables, paints, fasteners, spare parts, services, gases, packing wood, binding strips & clips, vehicles etc. Competitive price and excellent delivery period have helped Hidada in meeting the project requirements efficiently. Quality, cost saving, reliability and timely project delivery put Hidada in an advantageous position. Material management portfolio is gaining greater strength with reliable forecasting, planning, monitoring and controlling the whole gamut of related services.