Post Welded Heat Treatment (PWHT)

Hidada has an in-house Post Welded Heat Treatment (PWHT) furnace, with working dimensions of 8.5 meters’ width * 27 meters’ length * 9 meters’ height. Hidada PWHT specialize in stress relieving as a technique to remove or reduce the internal stresses created due to number of ways, including cold working to non-uniform cooling, welding. Hidada PWHT Facilities is the biggest in Saudi Arabia.

Hidada has fully qualified PWHT team with extensive experience in preheat and post weld heat treatment. Team adheres to strict heat treating procedures and policies to ensure the highest level of safety and performance consistency.

Hidada can provide customers with copies of all supporting documentation including Chart Specification Sheets, Calibration Certifications, Strip Charts and Reports. Hidada has fully qualified QA/QC team that can provide customers with all the necessary approvals and certifications.